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An immense country full of mystery and surprises. Its modern social form collides daily with a heavy historical past that, in a strange way, is maintained, and despite all the contradictions, it works perfectly, to such an extent that it has influenced people's attitudes. The country promotes historical and religious tourism, which, due to its richness, will last many years and will preserve the country along with the richness of its subsoil. I want to say that the urban population, in most cases, has a Western mindset, national traditioner to a great extent, but also the indolence of the Soviet citizen.
The Cyrillic alphabet and the particular sound language are two elements that cause awe and difficulty to staying a Western visitor in the country. All this creates a veil of unexplored that excites a great deal of visitors.
The symbols of the Soviet period are everywhere and contradict the current political and social reality, but they remain unchanged as historical evidence, like all the other, the oldest monuments. Character of the Russian people to honor history regardless of the period from which it originated.
Architectural aesthetics has many special features that make it interesting and give a clear identity of the place. A prominent position is the Moscow Metro. One would say that it is a real piece of art if one appreciates that much of it was decorated in the bombing of the city during the Second World War.

The cities I wanted to mention are Moscow (Moscow) and St Petersburg (St Petersburg)

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