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How the whole process is done

The whole process has two steps. The first is about the recommendation of the new friend and how it will be done, but also with the reward of the old friend he recommends. The second with the completion of the registration of old friends. (And the proposers to get their reward).

1st Step Recommendation

Already for a while, there is a second option in my site's contact   which writes a "mail list updates"  The form that appears, after being completed by the person concerned and sent, automatically updates the list of recipients of the photographic updates,  I send from time to time.
The link to this form, you can promote it wherever you want. (Copy-paste at the command line).

The link:

Make sure your friends list your name in the field "Who introduced you" why it matters. Anyone who recommends a new friend will have a gift:
A ptinted foto in fine art, sized A4 photo and satin photo paper that will be mailed instantly with topics from recent sunrises.

2nd Step Update

And where will I send the photos? Addresses do not know but a few. So it is an opportunity for you to do a renewal of your registration by completing your address and a change you might want to do. It takes no more than two minutes. The link below will take you straight to the update form (or copy-paste at the command line). You will only write your e_mail and surname & surname, send it and the system will ask you for extra needs.

The link:

If you do not have the mood to get involved with all of this, do not get nervous, you will normally receive the updates.


At this point I would like to assure you that your information is absolutely safe and that it is not known to third parties. And one thing you all need to know: You can unsubscribe from the list whenever you want it, discreetly, without any commitment, making use of this link.

The link:

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